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Standard Pruning, Super Results!


The Society of Commercial Arboriculture was pleased to present Standard Pruning, Super Results, a webinar that focused on standard pruning practices, and how they can best benefit you and your business. It was hosted by one of the SCA’s board members, Guy Meilleur. 


About the Presenter:

Guy Meilleur is an ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist, and a former Municipal, Tree Climbing, and Utility Specialist.  He has written 29 Detective Dendro articles, and is a former lecturer at North Carolina State University, Instructor at Duke University, and staff arborist at the University of North Carolina. 


Guy has spent 48 years in commercial arboriculture, chaired the ANSI A300 Root Management Standard committee, and serves as the US contact for the Veteran Tree Network. His company, Historic Tree Care, conserves tree value with support and lightning systems, pruning, root invigoration, and community education.

Presenter Hand-Outs


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