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Jared Abrojena

Academy Trained


Having been born into the tree care industry with over 30 years of attending industry events, I have grown a passion to give back to the industry I love. Being part of an organization with likeminded individuals to advance our industry in all regards is a priority. As the Society of Commercial Arboriculture creates opportunities for networking, education, and professional growth, I strive to provide the same.  I believe through symbiotic relations we can grow together.

BIO: Arboriculture is second nature for Jared Abrojena growing up as a 2nd generation Certified Arborist and Tree Worker for his family company, Evergreen Tree Care. Jared found his passion at an early age for competitive tree climbing, entering his first Western Chapter Competition at 15 years old. Jared has represented the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Western Chapter on numerous occasions winning the International Tree Climbing Competition in 2009 and North American Tree Climbing Competition (NATCC) in 2010. In 2009, Jared became an industrial sponsored athlete for multiple industry manufactures allowing him to give back through training and education. Teaming up with professionals with the same vision Jared has had the opportunity to build a training company, Academy Trained. Jared’s goal is to provide professional hands-on training in controlled environments. Jared’s continuous mission is to elevate the standard through safety, training, and innovation.



Alexandra Julius

The Davey Tree Expert Company


I’ve always appreciated the presence SCA has in the industry, both in a support function and as an industry leader in education and engagement. In my six years working at ISA, I watched SCA members participate at ISA Conferences, organize RakeMaster, serve actively on the ANSI Z133 committee, and organize workshops. This presence does not go unnoticed, as not only does it help improve the quality of our workforce, it also improves our engagement as an industry.


I’ve spent my career serving this industry through educational development and engagement, as well. Following a Master’s program, I worked for West Coast Arborists on tree crew. I realized quickly that I wanted to have a more global impact and took a position at ISA Headquarters. At this point, I was already competing and volunteering at tree climbing championships, and presenting at conferences on safety. During my time at ISA, I served as secretariat to ANSI Z133, worked on TRAQ development and revisions, and online learning, in addition to many other competition-related functions. I’ve recently started at The Davey Tree Expert Company, serving as the Employee Development and Safety Training Specialist, once again, putting myself in the position of supporting employee education, which is where my passion has always been.


I know my broad mix of experience and interests would complement SCA well, as it continues to not only educate arborists, but engage new and existing members.

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