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Adolfo Sanchez Garcia

FOS Especialistas en árboles

He is an ISA certified arborist since 2010, and has collaborated with the Mexican Association of Arboriculture as an instructor in arboriculture and tree work, along with Eduardo Medina ventured into Mexico making possible the Mexican Tree Climbing Championship, this event being Mexicans a space for learning and personal improvement.


Speaker for the ISA in Florida and Texas at the Annual Conferences, as well as for the Texas chapter at its regional conferences. I participate in the Biomechanics week in 2016.


Owner and founder of FOS - Tree specialists, one of the first companies that work based on the ANSI A300 and ANSI Z 133.1, in Mexico. In his hometown he has participated in the revisions of the State Laws for the protection of the Woodland and in the Municipal Regulations, as well as in the last modification of the State Norm for the state of Jalisco.


As a company, it has trained the municipal authority in the diagnosis of trees, for the cities of Guadalajara, Zapopan, León Guanajutato, Queretaro. He has also participated in the Country of Colombia, giving training to the Medellin Municipal Authority on issues of risk management in trees.

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Meggan Hargrave

Metropolitan Forestry Services Inc.


Meggan has been directly working in the tree care industry for 15 years, but has been a part of this industry her whole life. Some of her fondest childhood memories have been on family vacations while attending the ISA conference and participating in the children’s program and watching the climbing competitions.


Now, Meggan finds herself owning the business that her mother and father started 50 years ago and working alongside or across the country from many of the friends she made at those conventions. The tree care industry is interesting, exciting and constantly challenging.  Meggan is extremely proud of the work that her company does  and really enjoys bringing more people into this field and educating them and fostering their appreciation for this profession and line of work. 


Meggan hopes to be a helpful and resounding voice for the board in whatever way possible.