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Billy Cook (Incumbent)

Preservation Tree Services


Billy Cook’s current business is a full service, fifty+ employee tree care company; providing scientific tree care for residential and commercial clients. It is a TCIA approved company.


Billy has a Bachelor of Sciences in Forestry from Texas A&M University, is an ISA Certified Arborist (TX-1151A), is ISA Oak Wilt Qualified, is a member of ASCA, and has an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ). Additionally he is a past board member of the Trinity Blackheads Urban Forestry Council, and a past board member of the City of Keller Parks Board, where he helped to develop a tree ordinance.


He has been actively involved with the care of trees for twenty + years, 18 of which were spent with the same company. He enjoys spreading his knowledge of trees, the tree care industry, and how to effectively run a tree care business. Billy would be happy to help in any way needed through a board position with the SCA. He believes that the SCA is a good organization that can get even better with the right energy.



Alex Julius

The Davey Tree Expert Company

I’ve always appreciated the presence SCA has in the industry, both in a support function and as an industry leader in education and engagement. In my six years working at ISA, I watched SCA members participate at ISA Conferences, organize RakeMaster, serve actively on the ANSI Z133 committee, and organize workshops. This presence does not go unnoticed, as not only does it help improve the quality of our workforce, it also improves our engagement as an industry.


I’ve spent my career serving this industry through educational development and engagement, as well. Following a Master’s program, I worked for West Coast Arborists on tree crew. I realized quickly that I wanted to have a more global impact and took a position at ISA Headquarters. At this point, I was already competing and volunteering at tree climbing championships, and presenting at conferences on safety. During my time at ISA, I served as secretariat to ANSI Z133, worked on TRAQ development and revisions, and online learning, in addition to many other competition-related functions. I’ve recently started at The Davey Tree Expert Company, serving as the Employee Development and Safety Training Specialist, once again, putting myself in the position of supporting employee education, which is where my passion has always been.


I know my broad mix of experience and interests would complement SCA well, as it continues to not only educate arborists, but engage new and existing members.


Melissa LeVangie (Incumbent)


Melissa LeVangie has been passionately involved in the field of arboriculture for over 19 years.


Ms. LeVangie works as the Director of Marketing and Sales for SHELTER Tree Products, a regional leader in the arborist supply industry from Massachusetts. Formerly, she was a DCR and USDA Tree Climbing Inspector for the Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Program in Worcester, MA. Melissa also provides consulting arborist services based in Central Massachusetts. She is an IA Certified Tree Worker and a Certified Arborist, as well as being a Certified Arborist in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, a TCIA Certified Tree Safety Professional, and has an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ), and an MA Pesticide License.


Melissa serves her community as the Tree Warden for the Town of Petersham, serves on her town’s Forest and Shade Tree Committee, and leads the Petersham Wood Bank.


Melissa is highly involved professionally via educational presentations to organizations like arboricultural associations, garden clubs, cemetery associations, and conferences alike by educating people about the importance, health, and magic of trees.


Melissa is a co-founder of the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop. The workshop brings together multiple levels of learning how to climb trees to green industry professionals, artists, photographers, herpetologists, and tree enthusiasts. Its mission is to create a safe, encouraging, and empowering learning environment for women to climb trees, with an emphasis on arboriculture.


In her spare time, Melissa enjoys riding her motorbike, swimming, cycling, running, and tree climbing.



Adolfo Sanchez Garcia

FOS Especialistas en árboles

He is an ISA certified arborist since 2010, and has collaborated with the Mexican Association of Arboriculture as an instructor in arboriculture and tree work, along with Eduardo Medina ventured into Mexico making possible the Mexican Tree Climbing Championship, this event being Mexicans a space for learning and personal improvement.


Speaker for the ISA in Florida and Texas at the Annual Conferences, as well as for the Texas chapter at its regional conferences. I participate in the Biomechanics week in 2016.


Owner and founder of FOS - Tree specialists, one of the first companies that work based on the ANSI A300 and ANSI Z 133.1, in Mexico. In his hometown he has participated in the revisions of the State Laws for the protection of the Woodland and in the Municipal Regulations, as well as in the last modification of the State Norm for the state of Jalisco.


As a company, it has trained the municipal authority in the diagnosis of trees, for the cities of Guadalajara, Zapopan, León Guanajutato, Queretaro. He has also participated in the Country of Colombia, giving training to the Medellin Municipal Authority on issues of risk management in trees.


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