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SCA 2020 Arborist of the Year

The SCA Arborist of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has, through their professional and volunteer work, shown outstanding dedication to the field of commercial arboriculture.  Nominees shall have demonstrated and advocated for high standards in the business of studying and managing trees.


The nominee:

  1. Is a member in good standing of the SCA

  2. Has worked to acquire exceptional knowledge and understanding of commercial arboriculture 

  3. Contributes time and energy to sharing knowledge and experience to the benefit of other commercial arborists, and the industry.

  4. Complies with the ISA Code of Ethics.

The SCA Arborist of the Year Award is an annual award typically presented during the SCA Field Day Annual Business Meeting, coinciding with the ISA Annual Conference. It is the honor of the SCA Board of Directors to award the 2020 SCA Arborist of the Year award to David James.


Many who have worked with David over the years will recognize his commitment to the advancement of arboriculture through his relentless volunteerism, including his work on the ISA Council of Representatives, the NZ Arboriculture Association, and as a judge in the New Zealand, Asian Pacific, and International Tree Climbing Competitions. 


David's long-term contributions to the industry have had positive impacts that can be felt across the globe. We are proud to name him the 2020 SCA Arborist of the Year. 


Congratulations, David!

David James.jpg

Read more about David James in this article from the latest SCA Today!

David James 1 (2).jpg

David James presenting awards at a Tree Climbing Championship event.

Photo: Caitlyn Pollihan

DJ and Rose Aug 2014.JPG

David James and SCA Executive Director Rose Epperson, sharing a cold one at the 2014 SCA Field Day in Milwaukee, WI.

Photo: Rose Epperson

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