Thank You for Attending our 2019 Workshops!
ANSI® Z133 Safety Standards & Procedures 
Bi-Lingual Workshop Series
with Dr. John Ball, Erick Palacios, and Tim Walsh
ISA-sponsored pilot workshops

Thank you to our sponsors and speakers for attending our 2019 Workshop series! We hope to use this pilot program as a way to develop a future workshop series covering the Z Standard. If you have any questions regarding these workshops, email us at!

ANSI® Z133: The American National Standard for Arboricultural Operations — Safety Requirements (Z133) represents the industry standard for performing tree care operations. Because the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is passionate about promoting safe and efficient work environments within the arboriculture profession, ISA designed the Z133 Safety Standards and Procedures Workshop, hosted by the Society of Commercial Arboriculture (SCA). Students will learn about the incidents that cause arborists the most injuries and fatalities, and become familiar with the Z133 standards that, if followed, could mitigate life-threatening issues. 

Have a suggestion for a workshop topic or region you would like to see covered?

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